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About Us

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How we operate


Periodic Surf Co / DIY surfboard kits was born from the desire to share our passion. We make high quality, DIY Wooden surfboard kits for everything from short boards, longboards, mini-mals and even SUPs and body boards.

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Our DIY wooden surfboard kits are 100% designed and manufactured in house, meaning we have total control over every aspect.

Our design approach revolves around asking the question; “what would make this hard for an average DIYer to achieve?” and come up with creative and innovative solutions to these potential issues.

We are the only manufacture that uses 100% solid Paulownia for all aspects of our boards, from the internal frames to the skins and rails and through our comprehensive testing, we have one of the best wooden surfboard frame designs there is.


Our kits are manufactured using high quality Paulownia veneers and a combination of CNC CO2 laser cutters for the frames, large format plotters for the 1:1 paper templates and advanced CAD/CAM software for the design and processing work.

We also operate a variety of 3D printers for rapid prototyping of new deck hardware and shaping tools.

Thanks to this full control of the manufacturing we are not reliant on large batch processing and can easily prototype, test and execute design improvements meaning our kits have evolved faster than any other frame manufacturer out there!


We are constantly building boards from our kits to test, develop and refine, not only our designs but also building techniques.

Customer feedback is a vital tool for us and we work very closely with our customers to ensure we are creating the very best product we can and that they are having the best experience possible while building their boards.

Multi Media Production

We produce an excellent range of videos outline every aspect of building, modifying, and shaping hollow core wooden surfboards, longboards, SUP’s, and kneeboards.

As there is more than way to build a board, we find the delivery of instructions in a video format is far easier to understand and gives a more realistic idea of what methods could be used with the customers specific tool and skill sets.

We are gradually increasing our media quality and quantity so be sure to keep an eye out on our YouTube channel

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