Plans Template

Plans Template

Available as a digital download to print at home or as a hard copy of large format printed plans to take the hassle out of home printing across many pages.

Designed to be used with 6mm or 1/4″ material 

Note: Our template sets do not indicate any of the weight saving or additional bracing locations as seen on our Lasercut Frame Kits. It will be up to the customer to decide if/where to place such features.

wooden surfboard plans
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Hollow-Core Wooden Surfboard Plans
To Download & Print At Home


If your big on DIY and want to take on the precise task of cutting your own wooden surfboard frame then you’ve found the right place.

The template sets consist of 3-4  large-format pages(24″ wide) that show the individual compononents that make up the internal frame structure of the wooden surfboard at a 1:1 scale.
They also include 1:1 drawings of the deck outlines and rocker table rib profiles to aid in the build process.

How To Use:

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  • frame material: 6mm / 1/4″ thick

  • nose rocker:

  • tail rocker:

  • rail style: Solid

  • Required Rail Lamination: 12mm / 1/2″

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7'11 Mini Mal Wooden Surfboard Template set
Plans Template 1
7'11 wooden mini mal plans

How do I use these wooden surfboard plans?

Our templates are intended to be used printed at full scale and then used as the template to cut out each component from your choice of 6mm thick (1/4″) frame material.
This is achieved by gluing the paper template directly onto your frame material and then cutting to the lines.
Our hard copy plans are printed using a large format printer with no additional joining necessary.

Printing the plans.

Printing the plans at home is possible using a standard printed and the ‘poster function’ within Adobe Acrobat print settings, however, we strongly advise the templates should be printed on a large format printer for maximum accuracy and ease of use.
Plans Template 2

Additional information

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Digital Download (PDF), 1:1 Printed Paper Templates


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